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ob1jakobi Jun 4 @ 8:23pm
Weapon/Ammo Glitch?
I was just playing with my brother and the clip capacity for the weapons, as well as the damage for all of the weapons were way too overpowered. The clip size for the standard pistol was 54 (still with infinite total ammo), and both shotguns had a clip capacity of 88 (with regular reserve ammo). All of the weapons we used caused one-shot kills on every zombie, including the special infected.

I haven't modified the script for the game at all, and I know for a fact my brother hasn't either. Is anyone else experiencing the same glitch(s)?
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ob1jakobi Jun 4 @ 8:40pm 
I just verified the game files, and it said that one of the files couldn't be validated and would have to be replaced.
//// Jun 5 @ 5:10am 
welcome to modded servers world.
Captain Barbossa Jun 23 @ 7:23am 
I had one of those "privileges" before. They be modded servers. You had to be playin' on one of 'em that day. The strange thing is I once joined to one of those servers and it changed the amount of bullets higher than the usual... And then I joined another server and the amount of bullets were still that high number! That was from a long time ago, I probably don't remember well, but I am sure it happened to me even though it seems not possible.
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