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Srbenda 2014年7月7日 15時46分
A kick problem!
Anyone get kicked because of one mistake ?
I think that some people should calm down and stop kicking new players and the players who are not the best at this game.Because of that all the fun has gone.
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Maybe I should change picture 2014年7月8日 7時17分 
I got kicked by killing myself because it was on expert and no one would kill me at the saferoom so i could get 50 health. ( everyone was hording 1st aid kits)
Srbenda 2014年7月8日 8時40分 
I never see that happens.
Maybe I should change picture 2014年7月8日 12時08分 
Cause you're lucky :)
ThePangiaPL 2014年7月10日 8時35分 
I see people making votekicks for just going idle. Usually I just don't vote there, but I keep forgetting that game counts only how many people voted on yes, not how many people voted at all (so if there is 1 yes and 3 no votes, it still passes).

SkypStiNa の投稿を引用:
I think that some people should calm down and stop kicking new players and the players who are not the best at this game.Because of that all the fun has gone.
Just be sure you didn't join Expert. Advanced OK if you know how to not eat pills right after getting them from generous player and how to melee push. Then there is a chance someone will cover your ♥♥♥.
Srbenda 2014年7月10日 10時42分 
Thanks for that but i already know that, a am playing this game since 2011(love this game soo much :D)
I was kicked because on versus i didnt switch team as they told me :(
Srbenda 2014年7月10日 10時43分 
+ i never saw that someone is kicked because he is idle.
ThePangiaPL 2014年7月10日 11時24分 
I saw few days ago, maybe even yesterday. On Death Toll 2 firstly guy shot idling Zoey and after restart (I went to saferoom to check if there is some medkits left and after I spin around horde, Smoker and Boomer got rid of rest of team and right after leaving saferoom I got punched by lag and as a result I finished as dinner for Hunter) did a votekick. Only he voted, so it passed.
Srbenda 2014年7月10日 11時33分 
You done nothing wrong , except you should stay with the rest of the team.
You know "stick together to survive".
ThePangiaPL 2014年7月10日 12時16分 
I know. Hell, I even had to save one Bill's butt cause he was hanging on a barrier near upper entrance and Zoey was very unsuccessfully trying to protect him, ending on ground anyway.
//// 2014年7月11日 2時22分 
it's "friends games" thing. they pack like dogs is small groups and bite anyone whos little different (better, worse, slower, faster, with different sense of humor, whatever).
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Srbenda 2014年7月11日 2時51分 
|||G°†z||| Kotaro 2014年7月11日 4時25分 
Often times I kick people in versus when they're not doing well enough to keep up with the rest of the team. Though I don't kick people on Expert for being less-than-optimal, in versus it gets much more difficult to keep players that play sub-optimally, especially when the other team is very experienced. A couple of days ago, I joined a game of The Sacrifice on versus. The people on my team had a hard time sticking together, where one would run forwards and two would be dispersed in the back, constantly being isolated and hit by the experienced players on the other team, and I had to constantly run back and forth to protect these 2 guys and bot. At the end of it, I had to save one player 6 seperate times before he finally died (the one who was constantly behind), and another 4 times (who ran ahead and was the last to die), the bot had to be covered 5 times before he died (he died trying to cover the guy behind), and I got hit 2 times (once in the middle in the chaos, and second for their killing blow). All of this occured in the span of 3-4 minutes. I'd like to say that it's bad to kick new players, but in a competitive mode like versus, having the right players on your team will make-or-break a game, and if a new player can't hold their own, then they should either play a more balanced versus game for them (which is difficult to find nowadays) or play campaign and get some experience.
Srbenda 2014年7月11日 4時34分 
I thing they should try versus in single player.

//// 2014年7月11日 13時35分 
|||G°†z||| Kotaro の投稿を引用:
... especially when the other team is very experienced.

friends again. they team up by switching sides and nevermind game balance then. let the newbies team massacre begin. 4 versus 3, 4 versus 2, anything goes. very sick idea of fun, imo. it's okay if kiddos doing this, i guess, but i've seen mature people doing this too many times...

SkypStiNa の投稿を引用:
I thing they should try versus in single player.

i thing... by looking at your comments, it's hard to believe you play this since 2011.
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|||G°†z||| Kotaro 2014年7月11日 13時50分 
I don't completely understand your argument. Are you saying that experienced friends playing together is sick?

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