Aliens: Colonial Marines

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An analysis of weapons and mechanics
by [PGC] SeriousSam
This is a document with a lot of technical analysis supplemented with observations....
How to fix the "neverending" relaunch of A:CM
by Kasugano
For some people (like me) A:CM relaunches every time you quit the game... there are many tips to "fix" this, but they either don't or just temporarily fix the problem. You can use my already compiled executable or make your own using my source code, th...
Обязательно прочтите
by Hysteric Titmouse
Aliens: Colonial Marines - All In One - Collectible's And Achievement Guides
by Plasma SKX
In These Videos i will show you where to find All Auido Logs, Dog Tags, Legendary Weapons, AND get the Level specific Achievements In order when you find them...
ACM custom settings.. (v1.11c)
by adonys
ACM custom ini files settings explained Oh, and dear Gearbox (yes, especially you, Randy ), you owe me: - a fixed ACM AI - a fixed ACM aliens AI behavior - ACM Unreal 3's engine's (or your own) renderer having the DX10/11 enabled - one of eac...
1 tip for locating Audio Logs & Dog Tags & Legendary Weapon's
by Cronkllr {CnX}
An easy tip for locating Audio Logs & Dog Tags...
Aliens in multiplayer 101
by DireDoge
An introduction to the aliens in multiplayer because there is none and the more you know! PS: aliens are not underpowered, they're just as strong as marine, though marines are better on certain parts of certain maps than aliens, the same is true vice v...
Aliens: Colonial Marines: The missing manual
by Maj.Sabastian78
Aliens Colonial Marines: The Missing Manual hopes to fill many of the questions unanswered by the manual Gearbox has provided for the PC. Including: How to changes to your character & weapons, finding players by changing your server, joining...
Better Visuals: In-game Play
by ✪ Keanu|Reeves ✪
Would you like to play this game in a more visually appealing setting? Then read on!...
Marine multiplayer 101
by DireDoge
An introduction to the marine team in multiplayer...