Stridgamer Feb 11, 2013 @ 6:06pm
Problems With Aliens: CM
Well i have pre order this about 2 weeks ago. And finally i got this now and install it, once it finished installing i press "Play Game". After that i got this "Steam Error: Missing EXE" something like that! Pls can someone help me with this?
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Bannoura Feb 11, 2013 @ 7:56pm 
its pre load. So basically, you download the game but you can't play it yet untill its actually released which is in 5 hours i beleive
AlwaysKnight Feb 11, 2013 @ 9:43pm 
Hey man i had the same problem. All you need to do is exit steam and then log in again and when you try to play aliens it should update. Worked for me.
Stridgamer Feb 12, 2013 @ 1:23am 
It won't work, i have tried several time now. And it still doing that to me!
vodkins Feb 12, 2013 @ 4:32am 
Same problem! I've bought 2 copies (for me and my wife). Preordered game yesterday, downloaded on both PC. Today downloaded 1% nedeed for activation .... and nothing! On both PC/accaunts. After pressing "Play" update screen appears for second and just disappears... Nothing more. ♥♥♥♥ing silence. Is that what we deserve for fair buying, not pirating game? When we can expect answers/fixes/back of money/suicide of suhport team or else? I want play!!!
Stridgamer Feb 12, 2013 @ 5:40am 
Now finally i could play! So here is the deal Vodkins. Go to your steam folder and delete appcache folder only that. Log out from steam and log back in there and then you should see Aliens: CM is updating for you and your wife! :)
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