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ママ[JP] 2013年2月16日 4時42分
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ starting crash
i had followed this two steps but still cannot play game.

#3 Aliens: Colonial Marines Crash to Desktop
If your game crashes to desktop after the logo appears, you should try out the following fixes:
Try running the game as “Administrator”
If that doesn’t work, you should set your non unicode language in regional to English UK and then restart Steam. Also re-run the installer in the redist folder to avoid the crash again.

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#6 Aliens Colonial Marines – Startup Crash
If your game is crashing with a splash after the start-up screen, you give the following fix a try:
Uninstall the game
Put your unicode language back to your system/ip address language
Set the Steam language to your unicode/system/ip adress language
Reinstall the game with your unicode/system/ip adress language

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PrinceCola 2013年2月16日 5時54分 
Same problem...nothing works
[GR]Brisk Tea 2013年2月22日 9時56分 
But how exactly do you set your non unicode language in regional to English UK?
最近の変更は[GR]Brisk Teaが行いました; 2013年2月22日 9時56分
ママ[JP] 2013年2月22日 10時15分 
i already set os and steam to english uk, but still not work
Pvt. Mendera [29ID] 2014年10月2日 12時24分 
For me it was enough to turn off Xfire support for A:CM. Proving someone using Xfire, that should eliminate crash on start.
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