Aliens: Colonial Marines
Awwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
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I mean the game files are unpacking and I'll be able to play it in a few minutes. I had to stay up until 3am so I hope it's awesome.
thats great cant wait to play it
Awwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!... Until he realizes it requires steam activation and that hard copies no longer mean you can play pre release! :)
Just for the record, in what country do you reside, good sir?
It is released though Jack Sherak, atleast for us Australians
Well I have activated my code on Steam and it's 3am, 12/2/13 in Australia so it's released on Steam.
I'm missing an executable apparantly. Verified integritiy of game cache, said all files are there. Quite the annoyance, this is the first game I'll have to contact steam support about.

I stayed up for this too.
exact same error as the post above me.
Missing executable also, god damit. ^ same story was so keen :(
Same aswell, are you bloody serious they couldnt even get the launch right
I'll let you guys know if mine goes okay.
Veryfying my cache to see if it will fix it, doubt it but worth a shot, running on Vista 32 btw
Same issue.

Failed to start game (missing executable).
I'm running W7 64. Taking ages to unpack...
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Показані коментарі 115 із 92
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