Aliens: Colonial Marines

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Tiny Trees Nov 2, 2013 @ 1:05pm
I Am Confused by ACM Plot.
I can accept that the Solaco ended up back at LV-426. What I don't understand is where some of the ground missions in ACM take place. Where you start on the ground, looks very like the station that was used in the movie Aliens.

However the terraforming units and basically all the structures they had in Aliens was I think destroyed. I don't recall what it was, maybe they set self-destruct. I think it was something like an accident that caused the fusion reactor power supply to become critical. Bishop spotted some flare bursts. I think that's when they realised they had to get the dropship from the Solaco. There was a huge explosion near the end of the movie when their drop ship was leaving. Have I missed something?

By the way, if you're wondering my opinion of ACM, I bought it in the 2013 Halloween sale. Fully patched it's not too bad. There are unforgivable glaring issues with it, but the good stuff is there. On of my biggest dissapointments was how many times I have to repeat sections because of the widely spread checkpoints. These are usually based around a large battle in most levels.

Anyway happy alien hunting.
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