Borderlands 2
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Borderlands 2 FPS boost 2016
โดย Djurix(Overdrill)
Hello today i want to help you. I find solution for fps fix in BL2. I play with intle hd 3000 at +40 fps Everything what you need to do is to change some settings (editt some files). I make video about that here is link
[Video-guide]Alternative method of farming Legendary Loot Midgets - Thousand Cuts
โดย SpectatorX
This is highly detailed video guide about alternative method of farming Legendary Loot Midgets. The most popular method is farming for them in Natural Exploitation Preserve. This one uses chests, boxes, lockers, etc. in Thousand Cuts. Farming midgets is ve...
Torgue Build for Mechromancer
โดย The Paisley Dragon
If you enjoy being the Center of Attention, you may enjoy this build. Utilizing a Black Hole sheild, a good Torgue relic and the explosive power of Mr. Torgue Flexington's weaponry you too can become a Second Wind specialist. If you enjoy running into the ...
Borderlands 2 - How to sprint!
โดย Tom
Press SHIFT to sprint. ----UPDATE---- Press SHIFT and then press the W key and you're done! If you have rebinded the key, just press that key and press the W key again!...
How to disable Borderlands 2 startup and intro movies / cutscenes
โดย Gryphus
This guide explains how to disable Borderlands 2 history movies and / or game launch ads....
Cult of the Vault complete video-guide
โดย SpectatorX
In this guide you can watch videos showing all locations of symbols required for "Cult of the Vault" challenge. All videos are in 2K resolution (2560x1440), without commentary. If this guide was helpful to you please visit my youtube channel and subscri...
Big Game Hunt DLC Challenges guides
โดย mzg
Big Game Hunt DLC...
Borderlands 2 ALL challanges guide
โดย mzg
All challenges + vault sumbols...
How 2 Ninja
โดย Rob
Thumbnail by: RonanKtyTw Haters pls don't hate this is just a fun-made guide, but who knows maybe somebody might use this ;~)...