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Guide di Steam popolari Guide scritte, riferimenti e walkthrough
How to disable Borderlands 2 startup and intro movies / cutscenes
di Gryphus
This guide explains how to disable Borderlands 2 history movies and / or game launch ads....
Torgue Build for Mechromancer
di The Paisley Dragon
If you enjoy being the Center of Attention, you may enjoy this build. Utilizing a Black Hole sheild, a good Torgue relic and the explosive power of Mr. Torgue Flexington's weaponry you too can become a Second Wind specialist. If you enjoy running into the...
Big Game Hunt DLC Challenges guides
di mzg
Big Game Hunt DLC...
Borderlands 2 ALL challanges guide
di mzg
All challenges + vault sumbols...
How 2 Ninja
di Julio G
Thumbnail by: RonanKtyTw Haters pls don't hate this is just a fun-made guide, but who knows maybe somebody might use this ;~)...