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How to disable Borderlands 2 startup and intro movies / cutscenes
door Gryphus
This guide explains how to disable Borderlands 2 history movies and / or game launch ads....
Torgue Build for Mechromancer
door The Paisley Dragon
If you enjoy being the Center of Attention, you may enjoy this build. Utilizing a Black Hole sheild, a good Torgue relic and the explosive power of Mr. Torgue Flexington's weaponry you too can become a Second Wind specialist. If you enjoy running into the...
Methods for obtaining pearlescent loot
door Sakura
Hello, today i will be showing differant methods of obtaining pearlescent loot. First of all, it would be very wise to always wear your vault hunters relic, and if possible it is also wise to bring as many friends with you as possible due to the drop rate...
Big Game Hunt DLC Challenges guides
door mzg
Big Game Hunt DLC...
How 2 Ninja
door k.
Thumbnail by: RonanKtyTw Haters pls don't hate this is just a fun-made guide, but who knows maybe somebody might use this ;~)...
Borderlands 2 ALL challanges guide
door mzg
All challenges + vault sumbols...