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Golden Key Codes
by Brad
All currently available Shift Codes for Borderlands 2....
SHiFT Codes for Golden Keys! (and Items and Skins) [All Plats]
by Ethan / イーサン
This is a guide for all golden key codes for when you need em' REPORT If they are dead!...
Borderlands 2 Weapon Part Charts
Weapon Parts Charts (images). Use these to find the best combination of parts for each GUN type and their impact on your weapons. It's not just about the weapon color, or the weapon level! It's about the barrel, scope, grip, body, and special accessories ...
Borderlands 2 Legendary weapons guide
by Mooncalf
Hello Ladies and Gentlemens Welcome back to another guide brought to you by Mooncalf! Today I will show you the most awesome and powerful legendary weapons on Borderlands 2. Hope you like the guide and also hope you can understand and find out where ar...
Borderlands 2 Golden Keys
by Southice
Here are some Golden Key codes to open the ''Golden Chests'' in Borderlands 2. If you have more working keys you can message me. These keys are collected from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other websites. WTCJ3-SHH3K-KFJT3-JBJ3J-H5965 KTCJJ-FHZJW...
Build Series: Axton - The Commando
My second guide discussing Axton builds...
A Mechromancer Guide - Evil Enchantress build (Level 72 build)
by ✌ Korny Loves Corn ✌
Hi there, I'm Korny, a random no one you have never heard of who mains Gaige. Having over 700 hours in Borderlands 2 and about 300 hours playing as her, and this is my build. This is a self-made level 72 build. Apparently this is my first guide I made w...
Build Series: Zer0 - The Number
My third guide discussing Zer0 builds...
Legendary Weapons and Items Guide
by Watson-853
This guide lists all of the legendary items and how to get them. Last Update: 01/26/2013 - Finished the shields section (video coming soon). - Finished the grenade mods section (video coming soon). Like what you see? Visit us on YouTube for...
Weapon Brands: Which Ones Do YOU Want?
by Clotho Buer
The intent of this guide is to provide a better outline of the individual brands of firearms in Borderlands 2, their quirks and perks, and what ones you should ideally strive for. While a case could be made that anyone could figure it out on their own, so...
[COMPLETE]Borderlands 2 Badass Challenges/ Legendary Weapon/ 3rd Party Tools Guide
by Wyldbill
I feel I won't remember almost all of the secrets and tools I use for Borderlands 2, with the Pre-Sequel taking up all of my time. This guide is to help me keep track as well as assist with the various location based challanges. Later on, I will put tip...
Build Series: Maya - The Siren
My first guide discussing Maya builds...
Advanced Melee Zer0 Guide: from lvl 1 to OP8
by Altair
This is a global guide for Melee Zer0: you will find detailed informations about leveling up a melee Zer0 from lvl 1 to 50, basic tactic, basic playstyle, skill descriptions, game mechanics and step-by-step videos. The last part will cover endgame gear a...
Krieg the Psycho Fire lvl 61 Build (Range)
by Daank
This is a level 61 UVHM Psycho fire spec guide. It comes complete with a detailed talent spec, a gear section, videos to showcase the build as well as links to save games with everything you need to be the ultimate fire badass....
Easily get Magenta (E-Tech) & Purple Loot
by Persona No.07010
This little guide will show you a couple loot chest that have high chances of giving purple and magenta (even Legendary!) loot and are quick and easy to farm....
Guide to playing Axton [Level 72 OP+]
by Airuhn
Hey guys, welcome to my guide! In this guide, I will be giving you a brief introduction on Axton, tips and tricks when playing with him, what skill tree you should put your points in and what gear you should be armed with!...
Gunzerker Pistol Wielder Build (LV50, LV61 & LV72) Includes Videos
by Vladimir Pudge
This concise Gunzerker's guide will help you to deal massive damages using dual pistols (Maximum pistol damage & fire rate). Even ultimate vault hunter mode won't be much of a challenge when you follow the guide....
Torgue Build for Mechromancer
by The Paisley Dragon
If you enjoy being the Center of Attention, you may enjoy this build. Utilizing a Black Hole sheild, a good Torgue relic and the explosive power of Mr. Torgue Flexington's weaponry you too can become a Second Wind specialist. If you enjoy running into the...
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