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:^) Sep 20, 2012 @ 10:58pm
Any one tried to kill Dr.mercy solo?
hi all, i'm currently one of the unlucky ones who stayed up all night with my friends, then found out we couldn't play online together
(yes, we tried port forwarding, so iunno what the problem was, however, now that online is working, it's so laggy we can't play it anyway)
now i had rolled the gunzerker, becasue my friend dibbs'd the commando before i could.
i've had alot of trouble getting through this game solo, the bosses are freaking impossible, i run out of bullets before i can kill them, my friends have encountered... similar problems, however, they have skills to help them compensate, a turret/turning invisable.
as the gunzerker i can only shoot more, not helping the no ammo problem.

However i digress. Dr.mercy is a mini boss so no spoilers but, he carries with him, a massive shield, and a pistol that i reckon shoots eruidium (can take my shields out and hp down is a few hits)
he basically takes very little damage from the front, and doing him solo means he will only face you, i also, run out of ammo before i can kill him.
I was making progress, just using my brain a tad, kiting him.
Then he starts throwing grenades, i sprint and jump out of the way, get him anyway, die.

try again, learn that his grenades are homing.

i litrially cannot get pass this boss solo, he was clearly designed for multi-player, which i also cannot do.

any suggestions?

semi-rant over. help wanted.
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Praetoss Sep 20, 2012 @ 11:09pm 
I was cammando when I did it, and im playing on Xbox, so not sure if this'll help. Alright, I first tried using the turret to distract him, but my turret would die to soon. So what I ended up doing was drive your rocket car up to the cave entrace, and then kite dr.mercy to it. once hes in range, get in the car and stat blasting him with the rockets. It HELPED alot. However, when I killed him, the gun he was carrying flew into the ground. But it turns out that he had it on his body, so if you think you lost the gun, its on his dead corpse. Hope it helps.
Metal Man Sep 20, 2012 @ 11:26pm 
What level are you? I fought him as a level 10 Zero and used a high damage sniper rifle to shoot him in the feet. It's slow but it does the job.
D3ST Sep 20, 2012 @ 11:28pm 
k sounds wierd,? i had absolutly no problem takin him down first try, whit Axon (commando)
i did however use a machine gun whit explosive bullets, they kinda stun for a sec or two, and then he lower his shield, and i could deal damagde to him in those secs,...
flamedance58 Sep 20, 2012 @ 11:31pm 
Dibbs? What't this? You can have several of the same class in one game so I don't see why there must be "dibbs" on any character. If you don't like the Gunzerker then don't play him :P

As for that boss in particular? Lure him slowly outside of the cave and use your car to whittle him down to near death. If you're good your car won't blow up or will blow up just as you get him low enough. Then get out and finish him off.
The car has infinite ammo so it's even economic :D
golgagrey Sep 20, 2012 @ 11:37pm 
I killed him the first tiem with a sniper rifle and gernades - was lvl 9
txh0881 Sep 20, 2012 @ 11:37pm 
I did. I have 3 recommendations.

1. Guns that set the enemy on fire. Even if his shield blocks bullet damage, he can still be set on fire.

2. AOE elemental Grenades. They deal ALOT of damage, and since he moves pretty slowly, it works really well on him.

3. Blow up the slag (purple) barrel near him before using the above two tactics for massive damage.
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trekkie_zero Sep 20, 2012 @ 11:38pm 
I personally used a flame sniper as a commando and an explosion shotgun, still that was not an easy fight, just use an elemental weapon if you have one. That seems to work the best on those guys, or 2 of em since you can gunzerk on him.
Senator Burnsides Sep 21, 2012 @ 12:14am 
I was siren, just phaselocked the♥♥♥♥♥♥out of him. And ran. A lot.

lots and LOTS of running.
:^) Sep 21, 2012 @ 1:38am 
hi all, thanks very much for your suggestions, like i said, gunzerker doesn't have a turret or phaseshifting, its more guns.
i had been using a flame pistol, but, a lovely person came to give me a hand on thier level 25 siren, my face when she just liften him up in the air.
"bosses are no probs for me"
oh wells, multi-player is going a bit better, hopefully playing with friends soon.
thanks for the replies, nice to see we're all having fun!
i did this solo, no problem. i exploited the hell out of the surroundings and the bot ai. i jumped on top of the box thing near the cave entrance. and just moved back and forth while he shot at the box. and jumped and shot his head for some crits.
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