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How to play DLC?
I was burned out on gaming. Until I saw this and after much thought. Tried the 29.95 (not on sale version) 2 days later the GOTY version went from 59.95 yo 29... anyway - though game agent - I bought GOTY version for 15.00. I entered it in steam and it didn't download it all? I had hoped it would just add the extra DLC. It appeared to. Though some says installed and others don't ??? when will it install.
Also is there a way to play the DLC like how would I play scarlett Pirate?
I do see a couple more vault hunters, but I'm confused about how to play the DLC ???
I have about 28 hours in the game and love it.

though I'm stuck (I'M level 11) and on a mission (fire-something?) I am following a blood trail and I have 5/7 and can't seem to get up HIGH ENOUGH in the scenery to continue.

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Gyousel Dec 21, 2013 @ 2:51pm 
well DLC is for higher levels and its just has to do with the teleporters to differnt zones
I read that in another thread. So I went and tried it (worked) thanks
though like you said, I quickly found at the DOCKS that I need to be around level 30
it appears, as a couple of skeletons were killing me instantly and they had a level of 30.
cool. At least I can tell I got them.
weilongfu Dec 21, 2013 @ 4:03pm 
Glad you sorted out your DLC problem!

Btw, Just keep following the path made by the Bloodshots for your Hunting the Firehawk quest. It'll be weird and there are a few forks in the road that might throw you off, but if you keep going, they're easy enough to spot.
jeffy (Banned) Dec 21, 2013 @ 6:31pm 
click play
Yea fire hawk ... I have 5/7. The waypoint is way off my visible map and I can't seem to get to the only open path... It appears to be a high up bridge trail. I love this game. I used to be a gamaholic, was a paid beta tester for Activision and got burned out. Not many games can keep my interest but this one has me hooked. 2500x1480 res all features on it's just mezzmerizing. And I love the humor. I am glad they backed off (breaks) in the talking bot... I love him, but it would drive me nuts. They seem to know when enough is enough... And to take a break from the humor. Is there a way to toggle off the profanity? My wife and grand kids as well as myself.. Could do without the god damn it... ..etc. I looked in audio settings and can't find the option.
Yeah do pleated fire hawk. Looking for volleyball a now
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