Airwings 2013年3月4日 5時32分
Forest Fury bugged
Seems that forest fury's card cannot be unlocked anymore; if I unlock them but restart the game, i get back to 0/20. Any clues?
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Piss Pot Pete 2013年3月4日 6時25分 
Before exiting game, go into deck manager. Remove a card, put it back and save. That ought to fix it.
dborancher 2013年3月6日 20時32分 
Tried it and it didn't work.
Alythar 2013年4月6日 16時31分 
Me too, actually with other decks. It's really sad because Magic 2012 was one of my favorite games, and this one is horrible and full of bugs and I am no so likely to buy their next products.
Skia 2013年5月22日 14時43分 
I also have this problem. It used to work fine and I had everything unlocked, but at some point that it lost everything and I can only have it unlocked for as long as I have the game running.
Fluxion 2013年6月18日 19時10分 
Has anyone found a real fix for this... this is LITERALLY the last deck I have to unlock, and I can't keep any of the cards saved (maybe that's why it's the last deck, maybe I actually unlocked it before and forgot!).

I have so many hours played on this game it's stupid cuz I unlocked each deck one at a time (and mostly though archenemy, which seems to be the longest match).

Love it though, just need this last deck.
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sixsamurai_rathkor 2013年6月23日 15時25分 
I have this problem too. From what I've read, having the Forest Fury deck fully unlocked when downloading Deck Pack 3 causes the savefile to get corrupted. I don't know how to fix it, and would appreciate any help.
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