Death Phantom 2013年3月3日 5時36分
Not opening the game
i've just gotten a new computer. I go to install Magic the gathering 2012 edition. then when i start it, it says there was a fatal error, and unknown error. Does anyone know how to fix this problem.
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etolus 6月14日 6時18分 
I have the same problem. The game doesn't start since Windows 8.1 (I used before Windows 7). What should I do ?
valzore 6月21日 3時38分 
You need to change to program setting in file Exporer to the following:

Image to Setting for Program[]

That fixed it for my Win8.1 system, it will not run the game in 640x480 it will just allow it to start. Youy can then go to the settings in MTG to chnage the resolution. Mine runs at 1920x1080 fine
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Death Phantom 6月29日 11時32分 
i should have stated my problems was resolved. I fixed mine by going into the program and changing it from widow 1 to 0. which made it open in a windowed mode instead of fullscreen, which allowed the game to run on my computer.
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