Magic: The Gathering — Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012
SecretAznManXXX 2013年1月25日下午8:19
Looking for Fellow Players [Steam Achievement]
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone wants to play with me and we can help each other unlock the Steam Achievements. Message me if you're interested. Thanks!
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SecretAznManXXX 2013年1月25日下午10:00 
great! sounds good, but its lunch time where im at so im gonna go get some lunch and dont know when i will be back. but i will let you know as soon as im free. thanks!
SecretAznManXXX 2013年1月26日上午5:18 
yeah im looking for that one too...bummer
Grandmastersexy 2013年1月29日上午6:20 
give games!

A Cloaker 2013年1月29日下午2:52 
I am! do you still need the achievements?
SecretAznManXXX 2013年1月29日下午9:17 
gotta catchem all!
A Cloaker 2013年2月1日下午12:22 
looking for players for archienemy achievements... anyone?
japookins 2013年2月2日上午9:41 
name is japookins...looking for archenemy players
Enlightenment 2013年2月7日下午6:48 
Even though I have all the achieves, I'll help anyone that needs achievements.
SynReign 2013年2月7日下午9:16 
Looking to play Multiplayer as well if anyone is interested...
e.ripley 2013年2月11日上午12:26 
引用自 japookins
name is japookins...looking for archenemy players
hey, i'm looking for achievements in archenemy too, wanna play?
Glitch 2013年2月16日上午8:27 
ne1 playing today?
enoent 2013年2月23日下午7:11 
I'm looking for the online achievements as well. I'll try hosting some archenemy matches tomorrow if anyone wants to meet up.
Chaireth 2013年2月25日下午1:51 
I'm always available, pretty much anytime. Just how to get in contact...?
Honeybaked Ham 2013年3月3日下午9:58 
Looking to get the 2 online achievements as well, let me know if anyone still needs them.
Setzer85 2013年3月13日下午10:21 
I want online enemies!
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