Magic: The Gathering — Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012

SirKillawatt 2012年12月25日 14時58分
MTG 2012 or 2013?
I'm simply wondering if it's worth it to get the 2012 edition bundle, with a few extra decks and an expansion, or to get the 2013 version of the game. Does the 2013 version have new features/better playability that 2012 lacks?
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GB-EX 2012年12月25日 15時17分 
2013 has manual land tapping, an end step, and has better balanced decks than 2012.

2012 is just fun for deck selection/variety these days. It's a nice change of pace when you're burnt out on 2013 and just want to try different decks.
RCMetalhead101 2012年12月26日 12時32分 
They're very similar in game design and in gameplay. Just as GB-EX said, they have different decks, even though they may have some of the same characters (Jace, Ajani, Garruk, etc.), their actual decks are different. The main difference is that 2012 has the Archenemy game mode while 2013 has the Planechaser game mode. All in all I prefer 2012 just a little more than 2013 since 2012 has some of my favorite decks and I really like Archenemy mode, while the Planechaser mode I really don't care for; I barely play that mode.

Look at the decks that each game has and see which ones you prefer, and also which of the two game modes you prefer more. If you barely play Magic or haven't played it at all (I only play the Magic: DotP games), then either one will do just fine =)
SirKillawatt 2012年12月26日 14時28分 
Thank you both for your insightful input on both games :)
Faythy 2012年12月31日 7時56分 
Furigo Ultimar 2013年1月6日 18時09分 
Out of everything....I want manual Land tapping for 2012 Q-Q I am so unlucky with that
snipun 2013年1月17日 22時42分 
What is "manual land tapping"?
GB-EX 2013年1月17日 23時07分 
snipun の投稿を引用:
What is "manual land tapping"?
Manual land tapping is the ability to tap the lands you want (like in the real life game). This was not featured in prior Duels of the Planeswalkers games (not including the one from the 90s). This feature is a big deal in Duels 2013 bc it prevents the game from tapping undesired lands (which unnecessarily limits your options).
最近の変更はGB-EXが行いました; 2013年1月17日 23時08分
snipun 2013年1月17日 23時42分 
Having only played with basic lands in Duels 2012, I'm not sure how this affects me. Do I see this issue later when I unlock more types of lands?
Reappz 2013年1月21日 4時30分 
Land Tapping becomes alot more useful with decks that have multiple types (Blue, Green, Red Ex.) of land and more over when you have a sence of what you can do with the deck.
▅GLITCH▅ 2013年2月16日 8時57分 
if you play the multi color decks the auto land tap can screw you up from being able to cast multiple cards in the same turn. The auto tap sometimes groups them ineffectiely.
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