Magic: The Gathering — Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012

Magic: The Gathering — Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012

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GB EX Mar 27, 2013 @ 3:43am
Wow, March to War. . .
I hate to complain, but these past dozen or so games against March to War (on medium difficulty) have really driven home how broken Path to Exile is. Not that I didn't already know that card was broken as hell. It makes March to War pretty threatening when it normally probably wouldn't be (compared to the other decks); like Act of War in 2013.

If you're wondering which decks I was using and how they faired (in respective order):
- Ghoulkeeper: No problem at all. Flooded the field with zombie cards and tokens, and established a Grave Titan and two Soulless Ones. Waited the game out for several turns. The A.I. Recumbent Bliss'ed the Grave Titan and a Soulless One. In about 20 or more turns, saw not a single Path to Exile. Eventually the A.I. just started doing stupid things like attacking into a 114/114 Soulless One and an army of 100 zombie tokens -- then the game crashed during a Block Step. What a sore loser... Restarted the game and next used...

- Wielding Steel: Dropped Stoneforge Mystic, grabbed the Sword. End step, she gets Lightning Helix'ed. Next turn, dropped a Puresteel Paladin. Turn 3, drop Sword and Trusty Machete; draw two cards. Combat, attack into clear field -> A.I. Raises the Alarm, Paladin & tokens die. Okay, that was my fault for attacking into a clear field while the A.I. had two mana open; it's to be expected.
Turn 4, drop Gideon's Lawkeeper. Then casted Kor Duelist. Before resolution, Lawkeeper gets Helix'd. Turn 5, as I'm attaching the Sword to Kor Duelist, he gets Path to Exile'd -- hooray, 3 mana wasted. Turn 6, cast Conqueror's Pledge & get 6 tokens. Equip one of them with a Sword and Trusty Machete. Turn 7, swing with everything; surprisingly, no tricks whatsoever (but A.I. still has cards in its hand). Drop Serra Angel. A.I.'s turn, she gets Path to Exile'd. Turn 8, swing w/ the tokens, trade with another Raise the Alarm, lose two tokens. Cast another creature -- guess what? Path to Exile. Won the match in the end, but boy was the A.I. giving me the finger with those PtE's...

Next couple games ensued in a similar fashion, with me winning some and losing some.

- Ghoulkeeper, Rematch: Cast 2/2 creature. Cast a lord. Swing. Cast a creature, Lightning Helix. Cast a creature, Path to Exile. Cast a creature, Raise the Alarm. Cast a creature, Path to Exile. Cast a creature, Lightning Helix. Cast a crea...
What the... did the game get so♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥off from losing the first time that it cheated all its removal and combat tricks into its hand after I restarted the game?

- Beknighted: What the heck, why not. I'm growing tired of the same match up. Let's see how this goes. (Mind you, I did not know Beknighted was a bad match up against March to War.) March to War goes first almost every single match. A.I. establishes, swings. I cast a creature, it Path to Exile's or Lightning Helix's it. I activate an ability, it removes it before it resolves. I cast any creature and the opponent just removes it or Recumbent Bliss'es it. Consistently. For several matches in a row. Then it flooded the field with tokens and flyers, equips a 1/1 flyer with a Dark Steel Axe, making it a 3/1, then just keeps poking away.

Or, if I'm lucky, the A.I. drops a Bull Cerodon to swing for 5 each turn, then defend for 5 on my turn until I'm dead. And if I happen to establish anything that might even slow my death for even a turn? Recumbent Path of Blissful Lightning Exile. That should be an un-set card, hahahaha.