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The Faded
by Katzenfleisch
The Faded is a game mod where a team of marines have to hunt the Faded. While the Kharaa Faded team has to hunt and stop them. It is based on "The hidden" from HF2. ( Forum thread:
Natural Selection 2 - Damage Stats
by Spider
This guide lists some of the health and damage statistics associated with Natural Selection 2. It describes the different types of damage and lists the effective health of players and structures versus the different damage types. Also included is a breakd...
The Ultimate NS2 Basics Tutorial: From Noob to Vet (Updated!)
by TychoCelchuuu
This series of videos will teach you everything you need to know about the basics of Natural Selection 2. No more confusion! Learn to be a team player, learn to be a commander, learn what everything does, learn it all!...
List Of Hidden Mechanics
by Laosh'Ra
What is this about? Natural Selection 2 has a lot of mechanics that new players and even veterans can easily overlook. This list is based on a foru...
NS2 Tactical Operations - Marine Advanced - Faster & Smarter
by It's Super Effective!
Let's beef your marine play up with the First of a two part Marines Advanced Tactics. We're going to outfit you with four very handy skills and thought processes to make sure you stay in the fight longer, and think like a hunter. Those dirty aliens will t...
Natural Selection 2: Beginner Tips
by 100% Recycled Awesome
Basic Tips for new players, ranging from performance to Marine, Alien and Combat Mod. Very helpful for people just starting off....
NS2 Tactical Operations - Assault Rifle
by It's Super Effective!
This is the beginning of a web series I am starting for Natural Selection 2, it is geared to players who are interested in the game and who want to continue getting better at this fast paced strategic game. Let me know what I can do to improve on the s...
Commander's Bible
by Baus Mahnly
This is an in depth overview of the commander role in both situational awareness for his/her marines/aliens and proper utilization of resources as well as strategy both early and late game including role assignments for specific tasks and proper build ord...
NS2 Tactical Operations - Remastering Wall Jumping in Build 250
by It's Super Effective!
The new movement system of build 250 has affected the way the skulk wall jumps. We all are forced to play skulk most of the time as aliens, and to master it will make you feel like a complete boss and will always let you fall back on your skills to co...
Spectator Controls
by Huze
Controls and Console Commands for Spectator mode...