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How to join team with keyboard (Как зайти за команду с клавиатуры)
by StalkerXey noob
Want to join team with just one key? Then this manual for you! Хочешь заходить за команду просто нажимая кнопку клавиатуры? Тогда прочти этот короткий мануал!...
Mini guide : La commande "record"
by The Crazy Squirrel
Découverte un peu par hasard en "fouillant" la liste des commandes de la console de Natural Selection 2, voici un mini guide d'utilisation de la fonction d'enregistrement intégré au jeu. Si à l'avenir cette fonctionnalité est amélioré, je me fer...
The Ultimate NS2 Basics Tutorial: From Noob to Vet (Updated!)
by TychoCelchuuu
This series of videos will teach you everything you need to know about the basics of Natural Selection 2. No more confusion! Learn to be a team player, learn to be a commander, learn what everything does, learn it all!...
Gorge Basics Tutorial
by TychoCelchuuu
Learn about the basics of the Gorge: movement, abilities, upgrades, and basic tactics....
Skulk Basics Tutorial
by TychoCelchuuu
Learn about the basics of the Skulk: movement, abilities, upgrades, and basic tactics....
Natural Selection 2 - Comandante marine
by RVN gorronegro
Es una guía que explica de la manera más sencilla posible qué es fuerte contra qué y qué es débil contra qué cuando juegas de comandante marine....
Guide Skulk (Français)
by Sacapuces
Le guide vidéo pour apprendre à se débrouiller en tant que Skulk, la forme de vie de base des aliens....
Tutorial Brasil 1 - O Jogo
by GoBLiN
Guide pour débutant
by The Crazy Squirrel
WARNING ! CE GUIDE N'EST DESORMAIS PLUS A JOURS. UN NOUVEAU GUIDE A ETE MIS EN LIGNE : le Guide pour débutant V2. URL : (ou ) Normalement vous ne devriez avoir aucun ...
Marine Boot Camp
by DeltaOsiris (VRC)
This guide is for new players who just joined the game, or for seasoned veterans that just rushed into things or just want to check a few basic things without asking silly questions. It covers the most basic aspects of gameplay, the enemies that a marine ...
Spectator Controls
by Huze
Controls and Console Commands for Spectator mode...
Natural Selection 2 - Damage Stats
by Spider
This guide lists some of the health and damage statistics associated with Natural Selection 2. It describes the different types of damage and lists the effective health of players and structures versus the different damage types. Also included is a breakd...
Usefull Gameplay Cheats for NS2
by ‎‎
This Guide will teach you some of the gameplay cheats that are found in Natural Selection 2. Note that not all commands request cheats 1 to be enabled. Soo here is the list: cheats 0/1 - Active/Disable Cheats -host switch - Swap you to the opposit...
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