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Обучающий ролик по пропрыгам за маринов
20-минутное видео, описывающее большинство пропрыгов в различные места на различных картах. В моём понимании пропрыг это перемещение мари...
Cannon Fodder's NS2 ePaper Manual
by Cannon FodderAUS
This is not a comprehensive on how to play and be great at the game. It is more like an introduction to the game and some of its mechanics. It is written mostly in the marine perspective. This guide was originally formated for paper (A5 page size), but...
WF17: Field Marine Basics
by Warforce17
Welcome to “WF17: Field Marine Basics ”. This guide aims to give you a idea of field basics which I have learned since I played competitive Natural Selection 2. While these basics are used in competitive, they can help you step up your game in public...
A Beginners Guide to Playing The Faded
by Apocalyptic Anomaly
Ever wonder what the white blur you just saw was? Or why everybody keeps yelling at you about your flashlight? Then this is the guide for you!...
List Of Hidden Mechanics
by Laosh'Ra
What is this about? Natural Selection 2 has a lot of mechanics that new players and even veterans can easily overlook. This list is based on a foru...
Шпаргалка по NS2
by Meister
Это руководство является скорее дополнением к гайду от mr.TPATATA . Здесь я попытался дать некоторые со...
Natural Selection 2 Classic
by Hwanwok
This is a workshop mod by Dragon and this guide will help you learn about some old abilitys and some old stuff from Natural Selection 1...
Guide pour débutant V2
by Kalyon
Le voilà, il est enfin arrivé, le nouveau guide de Natural Selection 2 pour les débutants ! Il était temps je sais, mais bon la procrastination (un grand principe de vie) a encore frappée. Version "blog" : Version PDF : http://c...
NS2 Tactical Operations - Marine Advanced Commanding 2
by ItsSuperEffective!
Hey guys, It’s Super Effective here, I had planned for Part 2 of the Advanced Marine Commanding Guide to be one whole video. But I felt it was pretty long winded and takes me forever to finish. So I have decided to release them gradually in their shorte...
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