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Basics of competetive play
by Nigglypuff
There is a side to natural selection 2 that many dedicated players or general fps players don't know about that they may enjoy quite a bit. It is an easily accessible community that plays the game with formal rulesets and has many refined, high skill matc...
Very First Marine Walkthrough
by Keekenox
This guide will help you through your first time playing on the Marine team in Natural Selection 2....
A Beginners Guide to Playing The Faded
by Apocalyptic Anomaly
Ever wonder what the white blur you just saw was? Or why everybody keeps yelling at you about your flashlight? Then this is the guide for you!...
NS2 server на Linux
by LolkaBot ☭
Поднимаем игровой сервер Natural Selection 2 на Linux...
by [GER]TomTom
Natural Selection 2 Classic
by Hwanwok
This is a workshop mod by Dragon and this guide will help you learn about some old abilitys and some old stuff from Natural Selection 1...
[GUIDE] Natural Selection 2 - Alien Commander
by Seed
Hallo Natural Selection 2 Gamer! Da ich bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt noch keinen aktuellen deutschen Guide finde zum Thema Alien Commander, werde ich Euch nun mal hier einen Link hinterlassen von dem aktuellen Build 250. Alien Commander Guide Teil 1...
Guide Skulk (Français)
by Sacapuces
Le guide vidéo pour apprendre à se débrouiller en tant que Skulk, la forme de vie de base des aliens....
Skulk Basics Tutorial
by TychoCelchuuu
Learn about the basics of the Skulk: movement, abilities, upgrades, and basic tactics....
Fixing messed up graphics settings off-game in Natural Selection 2
by Massakaaarrrr
If something went wrong when you configured your graphics settings in Natural Selection 2 and you can't get back into the game to fix it, here is a possible way to remedy that by simply editing a textfile....
Tutorial Brasil 1 - O Jogo
by GoBLiN
Build 250 Beginner/Advanced Fade movement
by nick
Beginner and Advanced movement for the build 250 fade...
GorgeCraft Mod Quick Guide
by Soul Rider
This is a quick guide for the Game Mode mod GorgeCraft. This is a mod where the aim of the game is to build whatever you want in peace....
Default Keybind Quick Re-bind
by nick
Quick rebind for the default keys...
Evolution: Guide to Everything
by Ŧ | Flippy
Table of Contents: Section 1: Marines/Frontiersman Chapter 1: Marine Basics Chapter 2: Marine Weapons: Rifle Chapter 3: Marine Weapons: Pistol Chapter 4: Marine Weapons: Shotgun Chapter 5: Marine Weapons: Mines Chapter 6: Marine Weapons: Welde...
How to play alien
by Wafflebomb
Hold down da W key den keep pressing da SPace Keh and click the mouse button 24/777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777...
Natural Swag 420
by TheRobadobs
L2F omg noobs why dont we have n e gorges, and 420 + 9000 skill (get mlg)...
NS2: getting to know the game.
by Hwanwok
This guide will help you know the game :)...
Mini guide : La commande "record"
by Kalyon
Découverte un peu par hasard en "fouillant" la liste des commandes de la console de Natural Selection 2, voici un mini guide d'utilisation de la fonction d'enregistrement intégré au jeu. Si à l'avenir cette fonctionnalité est amélioré, je me fer...
Clearing Steam Cloud
by Squishpoke
Data persists in Natural Selection 2 even with reinstallations. You can fix bad mod errors or other things by reverting your Steam Cloud back to default settings. This guide teaches you how to clear Natural Selection 2's Steam Cloud....
The NS2 Guide to Acting With Common Sense and Civility
by Dinoman9877
A guide for commanders and foot soldiers alike to take to heart. Really this guide is common knowledge when you become a veteran, but for new people and those who need a refresher on courtesy, this will help you out....
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