The Blue Falcon 2013年10月5日下午7:22
says the game is 32 bit?
Is it supposed to be that way? I have windows 8 64bit so I'm a little confused.
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Microsoft PowerPoint 365 2013年10月5日下午9:21 
It runs on both 32 Bit and 64 Bit. 32 Bit is the minnimum :)
The Blue Falcon 2013年10月6日上午9:51 
right so does it run 32 by default or should it be 64bit for me?
Roland of Gilead 2013年10月6日上午10:31 
Wow. You're completely clueless about how a PC works, aren't you?
The Blue Falcon 2013年10月6日上午10:56 
I guess so. No need to be a jack ♥♥♥.
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OAKu 2013年10月6日下午1:20 
win 64bit systems have all the libraries and packages to run 32bit apps. most applications only publish 32 bit since it works on both platforms but 64bit isn't compatible with 32 bit operating systems. ns2 is a 32 bit only client and will run just fine on 64 bit.
Dredge 2013年10月13日上午6:18 
as buttpwner says, and ontop of that i'll add that at the time of development of NS2 (7 years ago) 64 bit operating systems weren't really a hot kind of deal, maybe 3/4% of all pc gamers had it. so they developed it for 32 bit. They can't just flip a switch and magically turn it into 64 bit, the coding styles would be a lot different.
SovietKiller 2013年10月14日上午1:05 
引用自 JKflipflop
Wow. You're completely clueless about how a PC works, aren't you?
"im a d bag" ^^^
Roland of Gilead 2013年10月14日上午9:31 
引用自 SovietKiller
"im a d bag" ^^^

I was uttering my complete shock and amazement that someone would ask such a thing. and yes I agree, you're a d bag.
Camulos#linux 2013年10月14日上午11:45 
the devs have not released a 64 bit client which is a shame.
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