Rainer Baedal 5 жов 2013 о 15:22
Aliens nerfed to hard?
Ok there is something wrong here. Marines seem to win almost every time. Not saying it's not possible or that I've never seen Aliens win, but lets just use the standard pug game. The amount of resources required by Aliens is way higher than it's ever been before. The things that use to delay marines from quick expansion seem to all be missing like lurk gas, all pushed toward the end. Instead we substitued these aspects with the gorge tunnel.

The speed at which Marines tech up vs. Aliens just seems insanely unbalanced to me. Especially since Aliens are tech capped. Marines have been decapped no longer needing two tech points for their jets or exos. Wtf...

Maybe I have no clue what I'm talking about here I have no numbers to look at. I can see why a lot of people are quiting though.

There are no more amazing tie matches, no back and forth matches. It's either one side steam rolls or constant concede matches. Usually marines. I'm not kidding either I played 6 matches yesterday all concedes as soon as the option was available. It's to hard to come back.
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