Natural Selection 2
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G'day everyone!

How to get help

**You will not receive technical support here on the Steam forums.**

If you are having technical issues or just generally want developers to see your post, please head on over the Unknown Worlds Forums[]. You can find the Technical Support forum here.[] Just be sure to read this first.[]

What!? WHY WONT YOU HELP ME HERE!? Well, we understand many players would prefer to talk to us here on the Steam forums, but we are a very small team (There are only nine of us in San Francisco) with a small volunteer playtest/tech support group. We do not have the bandwidth to maintain an active presence on both our own (very active) forums and here on Steam. If we spread ourselves too thin, you won't get the decent response and help we want you to have.

You can also draw issues to our attention very quickly via @NS2 and @UWEDev on Twitter. Most of the team is on Twitter, for example Brian (Lead Programmer), Max (Technical Director), Dushan (Engine Programmer), Simon (Sound Designer), Charlie (Game Director) and myself. While we often won't respond directly (We get too many messages to be able to talk with everyone all the time!) We do read what you send us.

We're sorry we don't have the capacity to cover the Steam forums in more detail. But we think you will prefer us talking to you directly on our forums, rather than having PR/Marketing 'Community Managers' or otherwise give you canned responses here on Steam.

Where to go to find out about updates

Natural Selection 2 has been updated 27 times since launch (As of Sept 10, 2013). That' an average of more than a build every two weeks! NS2 versions are identified by 'Build Numbers' - The current one at the time of writing is 255.

You can read all about the performance improvements, bug fixes, game-play tweaks, fixes and features that go into each build on the Natural Selection 2 blog[]. Each build receives a detailed news-post, and you can also see news about build in the in-game news section of the main menu.

Common Issues

For the most up to date information, always go to the Unknown Worlds forums.

  • Out-of-Memory Crashes[]

  • Always use D3D9 FULLSCREEN over D3D11, as the latter is in 'beta' form and not as reliable. The same goes for the Linux version of NS2

  • Disable Ambient Occlusion to mitigate input lag.
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