Kurtino 2013年9月1日上午9:03
NS2 Reinforcement Program
If I buy it, when would I get the skins/decals and how long does the program last for? Short on money at the moment.
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Squeal Like a Pig  [开发者] 2013年9月1日上午9:09 
The skins/decals and most of the other rewards will be implemented early next week. Currently there is no end date on the program, but we'll give plenty of advanced notice when we are going to end it.
Kurtino 2013年9月1日上午9:10 
Thank you for the speedy and informative post!
Owl 2013年10月25日上午11:36 
So will it be available for more than 3 months from now?
ARC Trooper 2013年10月25日下午2:03 
No telling how far the program extends to. But if your wondering about the skins as well, those are implemented already and people are running around with them.
Vitdom 2013年10月25日下午8:12 
Anything you get from participating in the Reinforcement program will be available to you forever.
unrendered 2013年10月26日上午11:49 
I think forever. Not sure though. :/
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