Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

YouTube.GTuxTV 2013年8月31日下午4:16
[Linux] Bugs and fixes
I noticed a few bugs in the Linux version

1. Players with none English System can't join any server.
[fix] add "LC_ALL=en_US %command%" as start parameters to the NS2 options.

2. Game Crash after Map load and a few graphic errors.
[fix] don't use High Texture Details. Middle is enough.

3. Ingame Voice chat doesn't work.
[fix] you have to open the options one time beforme playing. then the input device will be started.

4. The game doesnt run with open source drivers. Intel, Radeon, Noveau.
[fix] be sure your driver and your graphic card can handle OpenGL 3.1. Best result you will get with the properety drivers of NVidia or AMD.

5. The game doesnt run in the right resolution.
[fix] you can add the right values in your config file. you can find it in:
$home/.config/Natural Selection 2/system_options.xml
Here you will find two lines.
<x-resolution>your width here</x-resolution>
<y-resolution>your height here</y-resolution>

6. My favorite servers dont be saved.
[fix] create the file "FavoriteServers.json" in $home/.config/Natural Selection 2/
after this your servers should be saved.

7. Commander doesn't work
[fix] If you chose another language than english in the game options, the commander seems broken. so you have to chose english.

Natural Selection 2 on Linux [German]
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Sharp_Penguin 2013年8月31日下午4:41 
Has anyone managed to get this game going with the open source Radeon Driver?
YouTube.GTuxTV 2013年8月31日下午5:16 
I think the open source drivers wont work at the moment. do you use Steam Beta or Stable? If stable try beta. I think it will ship a few extra libs.
最后由 YouTube.GTuxTV 编辑于; 2013年8月31日下午5:17
Sharp_Penguin 2013年8月31日下午6:34 
Yeah I am using stable atm will try the Beta, Stuck with the open source drivers due to I have the 4890 and the official drivers only support to 3.4 kernel and I am currently using 3.8. WIll let you know if it works
YouTube.GTuxTV 2013年9月1日上午1:55 
nonametr 2013年9月1日上午3:22 
How can i reset all settings to default? Game crushing after i set all setting to max.
nieknooijens 2013年9月1日上午3:27 
it defaults to high textures! I've put it to middle and all I get is a black screen after loading.
DerRidda 2013年9月1日上午3:31 
If you get a black screen after loading you will need to apply the fix for issue 1.
nonametr 2013年9月1日上午3:31 
Everything was working fine on my first game start, but i have changed graphics settings and now it's not even starting(crush on start). I need to reset all settings to default. Tried on ubuntu 13.04 and windows 7 - same behavior. Game reinstalation didn't help.
YouTube.GTuxTV 2013年9月1日上午3:42 
maybe it helps if you delete your config file
$home/.config/Natural Selection 2/system_options.xml
on new start all should be default
YouTube.GTuxTV 2013年9月1日上午5:32 
broken commander fixed
gavlig 2013年9月1日上午5:51 
Has anybody managed the way to play with bots? Are they supposed to take command if i check "alien bot commander" or something like that? And i don't know if it's a linux issue or it is broken for everyone
YouTube.GTuxTV 2013年9月1日上午5:53 
yes you should check "commander bot" on both sides (marines and aliens) if you dont eant to be commander
Sad Frying Panda 2013年9月1日上午10:49 
I had to make the change for LC_NUMERIC instead of LANG since the problem seems to be with the decimal seperator. Just fyi.
Weed™ 2013年9月1日下午8:26 
I am receiving a Fatal Error immediately upon launching on XFCE4 Arch Linux. I have the open source intel drivers, could that be the problem?
最后由 Weed™ 编辑于; 2013年9月1日下午8:27
YouTube.GTuxTV 2013年9月2日上午1:41 
引用自 Weed™
I am receiving a Fatal Error immediately upon launching on XFCE4 Arch Linux. I have the open source intel drivers, could that be the problem?

yes that could be
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