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Kyle Reece 2013年8月29日 2時26分
has anyone else had ns2 crash after the update? i cant even seem to do their "optimise" option without it crashing! its doing my head in
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NoXPhasma 2013年8月30日 19時32分 
The game is crashing for me also, I join a server, the game loads and do the shader and preloading ♥♥♥♥ and then it crashes to the desktop.

So this is what the developer think is a great advertisment for their game on a free weekend? I'm dissapointed and won't buy it, not even you drop the prize to 90% off.

And don't let me start to talk about the poor performance...
Kyle Reece 2013年8月31日 0時28分 
i think its the recent updates still needing the servers updated. my game cache is fine and my card drivers. I cant think of anything else but to wait for the servers to update. its a great game dude just sucks with this crashing crap
Airwolf_swe 2013年9月1日 5時02分 
Yeah the latest update crash alot for me. I can usually get max 2 games before it crash and want to send a debug report. Usually it crash during server change, connecting to new server or random in game when there is some action around.
ZaBuMaFu 2013年12月11日 23時41分 
exact same problem for me Airwolf, got the game to work for a little bit by nerfing the graphic settings to minimum low which my comp can handle max with 60 fps, and still the crashes just keep on coming, has gotten to the point where i can't play this game anymore. Huge disappointment as this WAS my favorite game.
Watermelon ❤ Peach 2013年12月12日 2時15分 
the only thing that "crash" for me is the map graphic like windows, terrain, background etc. as soon as it crashes my fps goes +10-20 <3 i wish i could disable all map graphics. btw dont play a old game with a new pc.
ZaBuMaFu 2013年12月14日 17時31分 
How does a year make NS2 an old game?
最近の変更はZaBuMaFuが行いました; 2013年12月14日 17時31分
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Natural Selection 2 > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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