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so what kind of performance gains can I expect from overclocking my i5-3570k?
Granted, Im running on integrated HD 4000 right now. With infestation on Low and using 1024x768 resolution (now), I get 30-35 fps on average. lowest Ive seen is 25, highest is like 60 but thats in lobby, in-game the highest will be like 50 fps. My game's framerate doesnt seem to drop much as the game progresses either. I have 8gm 1866 ram, and use a ram-disk as my page file, temp, and cache. wish the game was a little smaller, I would just throw the whole game into my RAM-disk to get SSD-like performance.
Also, Im using a stock cooler ATM, so thats why I havent overclocked it yet. I get very low temps as is though so thats why Im considering OC'ing before an aftermarket cooler. I think the highest the game has ever made it was just under 60 C. I normally sit at 22 C idle, and it normally goes up to like 40 C in-game depending how long Ive been playing.
So with that being said what kind of gains in framerate have you experienced from OC'ing and does anyone with similar specs give me an idea of what I should expect, possibly even per Ghz or .5 Ghz?
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there will be no difference cuz your gpu bottlenecks hard. all you need is a decent gpu you dont need to overclock an 3570 especially at that resolution. try picking up used amd 5850 gpu, they overclock to 900core easily and you can game @1080p once you oc'ed it. or just grab what ever used gpu you can find for cheap and get rid of integrated gpu.

I will give you an example of similar hardware
3570 cpu (stock speed)
7870 gpu (stock speed)
fps fixed to 60. in worse situations (mostly caused by server) fps is 50. and this is 1920x1080 resolution so you dont need to oc your cpu..there will be no difference.
thank you very much for the informative reply! sorry I didnt reply earlier, I saw it but I guess I started playin ns2 and forgot to reply haha. your post was really helpful though. I was saving for like a 660 ti, but was a couple dollars short and now Im dwindling my money a bit, I was waiting for the quarter 1 price drops in '13 but they havent came yet. I kinda want to future proof myself with a gpu if I can, Im still havin' a hard time deciding between Nvidia and ATI. but thanks for tellin me abou the 5850. I hadnt really considered it before. Used prices are pretty good. and you think it can handle 1080p ns2 ar like 60 fps? right now I get like 30, itd be great to have that♥♥♥♥♥♥up to 60, I bet itd help my gameplay a little bit as well, not that im relying on it. haha but yeah if i can i wanna get something that i can bump up my skyrim textures and stuff too, but ive been more leaning on a better deal than future proof so thanks for the 5850 recommendation
Running a core 2 quad with a 5850 seems to get around 45+ FPS at 1680 by 1050, settings turned up (no aa). You probably get better fps with a much better CPU though. This is with the card not overclocked which is easy to do with AMDs drivers.
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