Human A 2012年12月21日下午5:53
It keeps crashing :(
I'm new to Natural Selection and this was my 5th game since I got the game yesterday, during that time period, the game just keeps crashing. There might be something wrong with my computer but when I play other games such as DotA 2 or L4D2 it's all fine.
I'm just wondering to see if everyone else is crashing too.
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Spydercake 2012年12月21日下午6:04 
Yup, just crashed twice in the past 30 minutes for me.
Unimatrx 2012年12月21日下午6:05 
Vitdom 2012年12月21日下午6:28 
Have not crashed once since a week.
Human A 2012年12月21日下午7:08 
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unknownworlds technical support forum

Sheps 2012年12月22日上午4:57 
引用自 Regenesis

unknownworlds technical support forum

No help there. Game is amazing but clearly has some technical issues. It's apparently crashing/freezing for a number of people, myself included.
Murky 2012年12月22日下午1:34 
It crashed 3 times in 2 hours for me, really anoying.

AMD Phenom II X4 955
AMD Radeon 9850
Wykin 2012年12月22日下午2:04 
Maybe something overclocked that causes those crashes for u guys..or to weak power supply?

In my 400hrs of playtime i only got 2 crashes when i tried to exit the game.
Tom 2013年12月14日上午9:30 
When I launch the game i just it stays open but it goes back to my desktop 2013年12月14日下午4:48 
Why did you bump a year old thread?
ZaBuMaFu 2013年12月14日下午5:23 
I'm having the exact same issue, seems like this has been a general problem with the game for awhile, weird that its occuring all of a sudden again. Issue didn't start occuring for me since recently.
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100% Recycled Awesome 2013年12月14日下午6:09 
I've gotten 8 crashes in the past week. Very abnormal. Maybe 261 buggy?
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