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Xavier 2013年10月25日 17時39分
game crashing too much
what's the deal with this? Am I the only one that gets these crashes so much? multiple crashes... like every other game the game just stops.
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Vitdom 2013年10月25日 20時17分 
Not for me. What operating system are you running + 32 / 64-bit? Have you checked the stuck thread?
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Geiger 2013年10月26日 1時07分 
i have a 64 bit system. I've been playing ns2 for a long time and never had crashes. But since build 258 is getting ridiculous. Game freezes at start up or mid game.
Hopefully build 259 will fix that whenever that arrives.
Chap Chappington 2013年10月26日 13時11分 
I've played this game for nearly 400 hours and about 6 months ago i quit because of the fade becoming ♥♥♥♥♥♥, then 4 months ago i started playing again and my game kept crashing every 2 seconds and i tried again today and it's the same, i dont think a patch is gonna help D:
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