Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

Chris (已封鎖) 2013 年 10 月 23 日 @ 上午 11 時 41 分
Skulk vs Marine 1v1
If you could play yourself under current build which would win?

Not looking for a debate really, because I do know the game isn't a 1v1 match system. It's just a simple question on if you think your skills as a marine or a skulk is stronger. Starting Marine and Starting Skulk just to simplify it.
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LucK_NoT_SkiLL 2013 年 10 月 23 日 @ 上午 11 時 51 分 
Depends on the situation! I'd say Marines as I could start gunning down a skulk before he even gets close enough to bite me, but I'd also say skulk if I were waiting above for an ambush.
Hobocop 2013 年 10 月 23 日 @ 下午 12 時 33 分 
Pretty much depends entirely on positioning and nearby map/room layout.
SuperKoopaTrooper 2013 年 10 月 23 日 @ 下午 2 時 21 分 
I know as in alien in a 1v1 (Combat mode). I would win against 90% of other players. and on an average game i get around 60+ kills easy. As a marine, I'm screwed...
ᴏʀʟᴀɴᴅᴏ ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴀɴᴅᴏ 2013 年 10 月 23 日 @ 下午 5 時 02 分 
Entirely dependent on skill and location.
K2 2013 年 10 月 23 日 @ 下午 8 時 00 分 
Assumung no ups, about equal skill

LMG, marine if skulk is far, skulk if close
GL, skulk
Flamer, marine
Shotgun, marine (or skulk if shotgun hitreg is bugged)

With ups, W3,A3, cara, phantom etc on skulk
LMG, skulk cause of free phantom bites
GL skulk
flamer skulk
shotgun marine, but still higher chance of skulk

Assumuing general public skill level
marine if I'm marine
skulk if I'm skulk
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Chris (已封鎖) 2013 年 10 月 24 日 @ 上午 12 時 03 分 
You're killin me :p , for me it's the marine. Check corners move on. Mario jump if attacked lolz.
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