Natural Selection 2
Sudden Framerate Issue
Hello. I literally JUST started having issues with my framerate in this game within the last hour. Normally, I'd get around 50-75 FPS in NS2. Now, I still get around 65-75 in the Ready Room, but once I join a team, my FPS drops down below 25. It ranges between 10-25. It's EXTREMELY irritating and COMPLETELY UNPLAYABLE. I did not do anything to cause this to happen, either!

My specs, if it even matters:
Intel i7-2630QM @ 2.00 GHz
NVidia Geforce GTX 560M 2GB
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I have a far worse rig, but I also started experimenting these problems, the game can run smoothly for a while, but suddenly my framerate drops and i get stuttering, so ir ranges from 5 to 40 fps
:( why does this game have to use lua? why, why, why?????
Your graphics card is much better than your processor, which is a problem since this game is very CPU intensive and there could be some bottlenecking. However if this has suddenly occured it's very strange! You didn't change any settings then? I know that turning off shadows can give me +15-20 FPS and I can comfortable sit in the ready room with 170-200 FPS with a mid-range rig.
Автор останньої редакції: LucK_; 23 жов 2013 о 7:00
Yes, this game is VERY CPU intensive. The weird thing is, though, that I did not change anything. I already play the game with all of the graphics settings set to off/low (other than texture quality) and I run the game in D3D9. It just sort of happened out of the blue. I changed to D3D11 and that bumped my frames up by 15-20 frames, but it is still not as high as it was before! :(
Is this throughout the whole game? I know my frames can be a bit low after just joining, especially on the alien team (due to all the infestation and structures) and my textures take a few seconds to all load in but after that I'll be at 70-80FPS easily, and 100-120 on marines and my PC isn't exactly amazing. (Phenom II black edition 3.4GHz quad + Overclocked HD 7850 2GB)
If I'm in the Ready Room alone, I get around 80 FPS. But once I join a team (or if the round ends and people come back to the Ready Room) that is when the frames drop. So, the frames suffer when there are lots of entities in the area. This makes me think that it's CPU lag.
Most likely. My old rig had a 2.3GHz quad core and it didn't run the game well at all, but my 3.4 is much better. For this game I think you definitely need above 3GHz at least! But again if you said it ran fine before it's very odd to be having issues now, especially when the performance has improved so much!
Автор останньої редакції: LucK_; 23 жов 2013 о 8:21
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