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Ev 2013年10月20日 0時57分
Can someone please point me in a direction?
I would like to see a competitive match where the aliens win. I've seen 5 or 6 full length games (several rounds each) and each had the Marines dominating every game. So if anyone knows of a competitive team who plays aliens especially well I would love to hear of them. Thanks!
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Ev 2013年10月20日 4時04分 
very nice! Radical does very well as aliens! The first was a bit 'meh' with the base rush but the last round win was very slick. Might keep an eye on these guys. Thanks!
Chris (禁止済) 2013年10月20日 4時38分 
On THAT map? yay!?
ƸӁƷ ButterLux 2013年10月20日 16時21分 
.exalt の投稿を引用:
On THAT map? yay!?

just browse through that person's channel or just check RedDog's tv

Vitdom 2013年10月20日 16時59分

Really awesome game :D
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