Ev 2013. okt. 20. @ de. 12:57
Can someone please point me in a direction?
I would like to see a competitive match where the aliens win. I've seen 5 or 6 full length games (several rounds each) and each had the Marines dominating every game. So if anyone knows of a competitive team who plays aliens especially well I would love to hear of them. Thanks!
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Ev 2013. okt. 20. @ de. 4:04 
very nice! Radical does very well as aliens! The first was a bit 'meh' with the base rush but the last round win was very slick. Might keep an eye on these guys. Thanks!
Chris (Kitiltva) 2013. okt. 20. @ de. 4:38 
On THAT map? yay!?
ƸӁƷ ButterLux 2013. okt. 20. @ du. 4:21 
.exalt eredeti hozzászólása:
On THAT map? yay!?

just browse through that person's channel or just check RedDog's tv

Vitdom 2013. okt. 20. @ du. 4:59 

Really awesome game :D
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