Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

[STING]RedDog 2013年10月15日下午10:58
Today(10/16)! HBZ vs. Renegade2 @ 11am PDT/8pm CEST!
Helloooo NS2 fans!

Bringing you this matchup on about 12 hours from this post time!

See you all then!
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JohnR 2013年10月16日上午5:45 
I love it when you make these posts RedDog, I tend to miss the live stream and play catch up on your youtube.

I'll be watching.
Slsteve 2013年10月16日上午7:04 
I'll be there as well Red, also Hope you're doing ok buddy ^^
Goron 2013年10月16日上午8:04 
I always play on the HBZ server, hope they win :D
[STING]RedDog 2013年10月16日上午10:42 
Live in 15
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