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Bishop Nov 5, 2013 @ 7:36pm
This needs to be done.
Ok first off let me say that I like the game and its wonders, BUT I very much dislike how you cannot add bots easly to a friendly co-op match. Why is it so hard to make such a system to have a co-op system, it shouldnt be as hard to do port forwarding, and for me thats too much I should have to go through all that garbage just to relax and actually play the game. The player servers are too fast paste I feel I am just wasting time and not getting any kind of experience what so ever. Atleast make it without port forwarding its useless.


P.S There is no rookie friendly crap, its just green to make you feel good. Everyone gets impatient everytime, or the game gets voted to reset wtf. Just make it so people can enjoy the game with thier friends without having to deal with the online stress from others.

To those who want to rant or troll on here or mock or find some error with my message, then go walk in the woods and run into the biggest tree head first. Like wise for city folk.

Other then that I have no problem with gameplay or audio, graphics are wonderful the game is a work of art.
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Last I checked, NS2's bots were in a sorry state. Marines have autoaim (literally), and aliens are idiots. Try commanding marines in a bot game. You don't need to do much and they'll win in on their own. Once I get them shotguns, they win the game so fast I can't get out and shoot any thing myself. Adding bots won't make the game any more fun.

The problem with new players for the most part is that most of them don't seem to listen to anything. They just go about the game as they would as it if was team death match and vanilla NS2 cannot be played like that. When you're losing bases because no one bothers to check their maps, use teleporters, weld anything, heal or clog up doorways despite being asked 10 times, what do you expect veteran players to do? Not get impatient?

If you approach this game like it's Call of Duty/Battlefield 2/3/4, you're going to have a bad experience from other players.
Bishop Nov 5, 2013 @ 7:51pm 
I noticed also in the trainning with bots, but they need to fix this problem, I like to play online with others but this game is so hard to catch on because no one is new right now, and those who are have the same problem like I do, its not that we don't listen its just the game is so fast paste that those who want to explain just get frustrated because they canno fully concentrate on teaching, there are no small servers that are active, and those who try to help atfirst end up getting♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I like the game, but I have a horrible experience the only way to play and thats with other people who don't have time willing to help.

I understand its like a RTS, but I am tired of getting in a server and then do well just to have someone reset the dam server cause they didnt like how it was going.
Checking the map is hard when you constently have to watch your back, plus it is hard to understand the map sometimes, hard to quickly locate your current location to where you need to go.

No the players who currently play right now eather like to play the way its spose to be played, or you have those people who prey on the noobies like myself and completely ruin the experience for that new player because so far each game sucks, even if we win, just the experience is not fun. I am a very tactical person and I have to say getting throw in a server thats populated which happens to be the ONLY way to play is like getting thrown into a battle with not understanding whos talking where to go how to do it, yeah its easy to weld, its easy to get guns and crap but when players are losing there mind cause the "rookie friendly crap is just a lure" why the hell am i going to enjoy my time with some idiot yelling in the mic or just desided to restart the game. THIS IS NOT FUN.

So go ahead to those who want to rant and troll or just quickly disagree, IDC this is how i feel and I feel strongly enough about it where this game needs to be heavly changed.
Massakaaarrrr Nov 5, 2013 @ 7:58pm 
A nice coop-game with well configurable bots, maybe even commander-bots, would really be a great thing. I hope they will work on that. Good to hear that bots already exist, even if they are far from being perfect. I always enjoy cooping against reasonable bots. Additionally, it is a good way to learn the basics.
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Bishop, don't play on the green severs, find the white servers and play on those. Typically, they have fewer rookies and thus more veteran players you can tag along with. The best way to learn is to simply just follow a good player. A bunch of rookies all in a giant pack doesn't do anyone any good.

Also, get the Transparent Maps mod from the workshop, That makes navigating with your map open much easier as you can see through the map when you're running around. It really should be standard, but go figure.

What you could also do is spectate a bunch of games. That helped me when I first got the game back in Jan 2012. IMO, if new players just spent 30 minutes spectating rather than jumping in head first, they'd do better.

Finally, I think the only reasons to reset the game is if one team had a troll commander (the kind who don't expand and just waste money or recycle everything) or a commander who jumped in to get the game started and then jumped out leaving a team with a bad start. Getting your *** kicked is hardly a reason to reset.
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Sam_Ruff Nov 5, 2013 @ 10:28pm 
I think the co-op mode is not so hard to create. The game already has bots, they are stupid and predictable of course, but, speaking about alien AI, I guess it is quite alright if aliens would be not so smart as humans. So the co-op mode may have players acting as marines fighting swarms of alien bots and expanding their base. The goal would be to destroy all alien structures and thus clean the map from infestation. Also there would be no need of alien bot commander at all, bots could spawn by scripts and triggers. More structures marines destroy - more powerfull alien species would spawn.

I guess it'll be good to the game if devs would spend some time to make a co-op or even single player mode, rather than making new features to multiplayer.
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