ghost 2013. nov. 3. @ de. 10:04
Very bad Framerate eventhough CYRI said it'd run perfectly..?
I even put everything on the minimum, and it still only runs at like 21fps.
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Eddie 2013. nov. 3. @ de. 10:33 
What's your rig brah?
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Eddie; 2013. nov. 3. @ de. 10:34
ghost 2013. nov. 3. @ de. 11:22 
16 gb ram, win7 ultimate 64 bit, amd fx-4100 quadcore, radeon HD 6800.
should actually meet the requirements..
Oh Noes 2013. nov. 3. @ du. 12:12 
gpu driver? resolution?
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Oh Noes; 2013. nov. 3. @ du. 12:14
ghost 2013. nov. 3. @ du. 12:25 
updated, and resolution is set on 1900x1080 (which btw can run bf3 on high for me. and ns2 must be programmed VERY lazy if the reason for my framerate is inside my machine.)
Vitdom 2013. nov. 3. @ du. 12:37 
You're right that system should run a hell lot more than just 21 fps average, even at minimum. You should make a thread at so they can find out if there's some kind of bug :O
Terror 2013. nov. 3. @ du. 12:40 
what directx u useing ? d9 or d11? try to set d9, d11 is beta.
ghost 2013. nov. 3. @ du. 12:41 
already done that. no improvement.
Eddie 2013. nov. 3. @ du. 1:12 
Mhh, I too did have some framerate problems a while back. Turned out I had to set Vsync to triple buffering in the options menu. Vsync is also turned on in my Graphics Card settings. That solved it for me, but I guess you already tried all the in game options?
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Eddie; 2013. nov. 3. @ du. 1:12
ghost 2013. nov. 3. @ du. 1:21 
I just activated D11, and the Main-Menu graphic FPS said it would now have 91 fps (this one said something with 20 before, too.) let's wait and see how this turns out..
ghost 2013. nov. 3. @ du. 1:25 
Alright, that didnt work, infact it got even worse, 9frames now. Thought so. Not really pleasing. ugh.
[#OMEGA] - K2 2013. nov. 3. @ du. 6:51 
FX4100 seems a bit of a weak processor for ns2.

Try to eleminate background processes or other stuff that might be using CPU.
Also set gfx to low (except textures)
RaZDaZ 2013. nov. 4. @ de. 10:35 
Resolution is the big hitter, drop it down to 1440x900 and it should be better. Don't play on 24 player or more servers, the more people, the more the FPS drops.
ghost 2013. nov. 4. @ de. 11:27 
why the ♥♥♥♥ would I try to limit my experience just for being able to play the game? I'd say screw this, 6 dollars wasted, ♥♥♥♥ it.
Vitdom 2013. nov. 4. @ du. 1:02 
Hopefully you follow my advice so the game can get better.
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