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timothyjbaker 2013年11月3日 0時44分
Why cant I optimize my game when it tells me to or
Why dose my game not want to show ANY of the menus when I click on them?
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timothyjbaker 2013年11月3日 0時49分 
When I open up any part of the menu nothing shows up at all!
I have no clue how to fix it and the whole thing didnt help.
FleetCommand 2013年11月3日 0時49分 
I suggest you to head to the Official Unknown Worlds Support forum which can be found at . Don't forget to specify the exact symptoms you are experiencing and if you have any errors in your log file (which can be found at %appdata%\Natural Selection 2\log.txt), post that too.
FleetCommand 2013年11月3日 0時56分 
timothyjbaker の投稿を引用:
Worst use of my money ever.

You can keep raging here which takes you nowhere, or - as a much better option - you can go to the support forum I linked above and post your log file, a screenshot and your system specifications there so the devs could actually help you out and/or fix the bug if it is one. It's up to you.
timothyjbaker 2013年11月3日 1時07分 
I went to the link and looked around for awhile, but Im not sure where to find the information I need or where to ask for it :I

I know this game is not a waste of money, becuase I have played it on this account on my computer but since the update it hasent worked.
FleetCommand 2013年11月3日 1時17分 
The exact place for the technical support topics can be found here, so you can open a topic here:

Make sure - if you can - post a screenshot and the errors in your logfile (the %appdata% directory can be easily accessed by pressing "Windows Button + R" at the same time to bring up the "Run" dialog. Then enter "%appdata%" without quotation marks, but make sure to include the percentage signs into the field then press OK - from there you can easily navigate to the Natural Selection 2 folder and there should be your log.txt which can be opened by Notepad or something similar app).

Hope your issue gets resolved soon.
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