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Natural Selection 2

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ChrisPlaysLinux 2 nov 2013 à 4h14
horrible cpu performance.
especially in biodome. We need an option to turn those particles off such as the bubbles. AIt is not my GPU, if i walk in certain spots i get 100FPS, its when there is a lot going on there are just too many lua things going on. So either use another CPU thread to process events or give some options to turn cosmetic events off. Yes i do need a CPU upgrade, i am conisdering buying a better CPU and a better cooler for overclocking, it will run things faster but the CPU bottlenecks in the game will not go away which means i would still get FPS drops in tense situations.
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Insubordination 3 nov 2013 à 0h40 
The devs don't grasp the concept of a graphics budget. Are they trying to sell computer parts or a game that just doesn't run smoothly
Hobocop 3 nov 2013 à 0h59 
One of the drawbacks when they decided to use Lua as a codebase. GPU probably isn't the issue in the vast majority of cases with this game.
100% Recycled Awesome 3 nov 2013 à 1h32 
Biodome is often referred to as Lagdome.
supernewb 3 nov 2013 à 4h21 
You should have seen the Alpha


No, seriously ... I didn't play for a couple of months .. it is nice to see the performance improved a lot! I have no problem to play this ... in any situation ....

Radeon4800 series ... Phenom II X2 550 here


p.s.: Windows, not sure about linux
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Chris (Banni) 3 nov 2013 à 10h52 
Anyone got Video of somene running current.NS2 with the minimal and recommended settings?

You might was to look into water cooling.
ChrisPlaysLinux 4 nov 2013 à 16h17 
the devs gotta fix the damn opengl renderer
m4gnet 4 nov 2013 à 20h35 
There was an update where they made the graphics better, I couldn't even play the game after that. It gave me so much lag. Before then it was even laggy but atleast I could get 50 fps. Now I can barely grasp 15.
zvmbi 5 nov 2013 à 4h21 
I believe the problem is more related to Lua itself as Hobocop stated. Every event in game is handled by Lua scripts. This just sucks nuts. My GPU load stays at 70% tops using high. But CPU.. insane.. And I really would like to understand the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ shader compiling. They could ship it compiled already like all vendors do. Perhaps a dev could jump in the discussion and mention what are the plans for these issues? I believe that Lua won't be droped though.
Sadenki 5 nov 2013 à 8h32 
maybe they compiled with your graphic card (so they can't compile for everyone)
ChrisPlaysLinux 6 nov 2013 à 0h37 
compiling shaders makes sense since not all video cards are the same i guess. Also update: i recompiled my kernel and the game is a lot smoother however FPS are still low 50ish but the game stutters no more thanks to my kernel hacking skills. Now to buy a better CPU and a water cooler.
Whiskey_inthejar 6 nov 2013 à 11h08 
lol chris is banned?
people beware uwe is getting its bannhammer out!
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