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Chris (禁止済) 2013年12月9日 9時21分
Y R official server 18 players?
I've seen repeatedly that the game is balanced for less. "teams" are 6 leading to 12 with 18 being 4 extra.
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EF 2013年12月9日 9時38分 
Malcerion 2013年12月9日 9時39分 
18 server is much more forgiving than 12 server (notice most offical have turned into rookie servers) 12 server is more for the serious teamworkers is needed

don't worry to much about the balanced around X before they hit 32+ to be honest
Vitdom 2013年12月9日 13時11分 
16-20 players is great, depending on how many rookies there are. usually they don't contribute to the game so the playernumber has to be higher for a good game
justbob333 2013年12月9日 15時24分 
cause 6v6 doesn't work for pug play, with 2 in the comm/kamm seat its 5v5 and someone quits, goes afk for a phone call, crashes its a serious impact. 20% of you manpower.

Plus its not that much fun. Lots of attack where the other team isn't ring a round the rosy.
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Natural Selection 2 > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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