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Seth 2013年11月18日 16時45分
game keeps crashing
i can usually play 1 or 2 games before it hapens but its been happening alot more frequently like every game i play it freezes up just when i or someone else starts to shoot as a marine, just as soon as i click the mouse button to shoot it freezes up, this is very annoying as i love the game and just got it a few days ago but everytime i save my resources up for a exosuit by the end of teh game it freezes and i never get to use them, this happening over and over is very depressing for a lack of a better word. if anyone knows whats wrong id apreciate any help. heres some general info of what ive done.

1. verified integrity of game through steam
2. all system requirements are ABOVE the recomended so its not my computer
3. all drivers are up to date.

can't think of anything else that could be causing this.
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Seth 2013年11月18日 17時18分 
yeah its happening every game now :/
Infysturous 2013年11月18日 19時09分 
I can't even get into a game. It crashes right when it's done loading. It used to work.
Seth 2013年11月18日 21時23分 
yeah i figured out what it was, i was playing on aserver with alot of mods, guess one of them made my computer mad. cuz any other servers work perfect.
Milli 2013年11月20日 11時15分 
i can't play the tutorial without crashing after 20 minutes -.-
Nepheros 2014年2月27日 5時51分 
Did we ever get a fix for this?
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