Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

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Hoxer 12. nov 2013 kl. 8:18am
Input if you consider buying
High expectations are dangerous. Here's my list personal oppinion of pro/cons of this game

* It's a very pretty game
* The game combination of RTS/FPS is awesome.

* It takes several minutes to load a map. It's quicker to boot my old Win.XP pc with a bunch of apps.
* When you're done waiting, you'll have to wait till teams are equal. When teams are equal there's a risc of further waiting for someone to take the job as commander (which is required from both sides before the game will start)
* I live in Europe and I see only lots of empty servers. Few full servers. And very rare servers I feel comfortable at joining, either because there's only one player or the skill level is too high.
* Aliens are extremely difficult to hit. Expect hours and hours to learn to hit them. Expect even more hours of traning if you play as alien.
* Rookie friendly servers are prone to be false advertising. I played a game of 24 players where none of the experienced players
* The learning curve is steep. A substantiel part of game is playing as commander, which is difficult to learn because players don't like you as commander if you're rookie (even on rookie servers) and training vs. bots probably won't lead to late game technology.
* Its a game for the elite. I feel there's a large gab between rookies and the experienced players.
* Ubuntu Linux Nvidia users will experience crash when they fire their weapon
* It feels like the game outcome is determined within the first 5 minutes.

The game certainly takes skill. Or perhaps just a lot patience (or cheating.. if you're OK with ruining other peoples experience)

I'd love to find the game amusing. I still try it occationally because I WANT to like it. But I feel I'm being punished for the time I invest in it.
The main problem is the loooong overhead time, before an actual game starts. And it's way too speedy once the game begins. It's not very pleasurable.

It could have been a great game, but the implementation isn't very great.
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