pRogz 2013年11月11日下午12:02
Game is on sale at
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Krimsonk 2013年11月11日下午10:20 
Dont buy it anywhere but steam, or other authorized retailers. some time ago there were several hundred keys that had to be reclaimed once it was learned that they were bought and resold dirt cheap using stolen credit cards, of course this hurt the consumers themselves, but who it hurt most was Unknown Worlds, who were not able to recoup the thousands of dollars lost in this way.

These keys came either from humble bundle or greenmangaming, I think it was GMG.
Vitdom 2013年11月11日下午10:23 
HumbleBundle and GreenManGaming are both officially appointed resellers by the developers ^ lol
Krimsonk 2013年11月11日下午10:24 
It must not have been at that time in that case : ).
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