Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

worth buying?
hi i just found out about this game yesterday, can't believe its been out all this time. is it still worth buying or is there not enough people left to make it worth playing/finding a match?
i love the strategy/fps mix and was wondering if there are any other games like this that are multiplayer.
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-2d- Quagmire 2013年11月10日下午6:53 
This is a one of a kind game, and yes, there are LOADS of server jam packed out there.
i bought it right before you posted this :D
so are there any other games with this strategy/fps mix?
-2d- Quagmire 2013年11月10日下午6:58 
Honestly mate, I am yet to see another one even remotely like this, minus Savage which is maybe over 10 years old now. Excellent game, don't know about its playerbase however.
drumstix131 2013年11月10日下午9:25 
there is none other like NS. I have been playing it since 10 years ago, and it's a one of a kind gametype.
BUY IT NOW, you will be so so glad you did. I am waiting either for funds to get a copy of windows for bootcamp, or for UWE to finish the OSX port.... but NS for HL1 back in the day was ahead of its time, and I'm hearing from a lot of other NS1 players (diehard fans like myself) that this game is even better than the original... so yeah, dude, this game is awesome.
Kwisatz 2013年11月10日下午9:37

Around 1000 players at peak (EU prime time) and at least 400 players. Community is smallish but pretty stable and welcoming for the biggest part. Congrats, NS2 was the best game investment I've ever made! I hope you like it.

Other games with similar gameplay:

- Gloom
- Nuclear Dawn
- Tremulous (they worked on a successor, but the site got taken down recently...)
- Battlezone
- C&C Renegade (no commander, heavy on the action side of things, but still very enjoyable. Check out the remake that is out due this year:

Afaik, none of these can compete with NS 1 and NS2 though. NS is unique because of its truly asymmetrical gameplay and meaningful combination of RTS and FPS elements.
alright thanks for all the input guys, i bought it and its done downloading, its to late for me to play but ill play asap tomorow. cya ingame
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This is a one of a kind game, and yes, there are LOADS of server jam packed out there.

This is geographically dependent. There are way more European servers than North American. You shouldn't say there are lots of servers before checking where a user is from. I see a most a dozen servers on my list on West Coast of America. I remove the filters for ridiculous ping and along list of European servers pops up. It's not useful to a user if they are in a geographical area that doesn't have many viable servers they can connect to.
[OsH] P8ragon 2013年11月10日下午11:14 
It's an AWESOME game. Got it gifted when the game came out last year but didn't really get a chance to play it until a few days ago. My only regret is that I didn't start playing it sooner :(
Vitdom 2013年11月11日上午1:02 
Played more than 700h and bought the game + donations for like 500 $, worth every dollar.

Game has loads of players, nearly full servers and roughly ~10,000 daily players. There is no other game like this, no alien shooters, no asymmetric team-based multiplayers, no FPS/RTS-mixes. It's awesome.

Community is mostly great and welcoming. This game emphasizes on teamplay so don't get offended if you're yelled at for trying to command in your first hours and not talking with the team in the first hours. Ask anyone for help about the game in-game and pretty much everyone is willing to help.
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dubonzi 2013年11月11日上午10:27 
Do people still play the first game? I played it a lot back in the day, wondering if I should get this one aswell.
Borkac MKD 2013年11月11日上午11:53 
引用自 Dubonzi
Do people still play the first game? I played it a lot back in the day, wondering if I should get this one aswell.
I have no idea about the first one but this one has many players. Buy it.
Borkac MKD 2013年11月11日上午11:53 
Btw if you need any help feel free to ask.
RubbaDuck 2013年11月11日下午3:07 
This game is a piece of thrash..
MITCHY MITCH 2013年11月11日下午5:23 
this is a one of a kind got to play game :) only just started playing but most servers are rookie friendly and every match is different.
Vaalth 2013年11月11日下午8:41 
Actually very much similar to Natural Selection in theory is the quake 3 mod, Tremulous, which itself is dead however the recent fork is called Unvanquished, its in alpha at the moment, but its a free open source spiritual successor to Tremulous, what was cancelled was the commercial project Tremulous 2, that failed miserably. All in all Natural Selection is most likely much better, but once Unvanquished is in Beta or finally released it will be a good free game not unlike Natural Selection. Because they are all based on gloom.
最后由 Vaalth 编辑于; 2013年11月11日下午8:42
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