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SeaKraken 2013年11月9日 20時16分
Nooby question...
How do you change your armor type as marine? Some marines look like "special ops" marines :P thanks for the halp
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Krimsonk 2013年11月9日 21時40分 
The Black Armor is an exclusive for people who pre-ordered in Alpha. So, its impossible for you to get that.

If you want the other armors you can get them through the reinforcement program which is on their website. To change the armor type, or male/female, you go to the options tab on the main menu, and scroll down.
NutterKryt 2013年11月10日 15時31分 
Green: Buy any version of NS2
Black: Pre-ordered NS2
Deluxe: Buy NS2 Deluxe Edition
Assault: Purchase the Diamond tier ($40) or higher in the Reinforcement Program
Elite Assault + Alien Shadow: Purchase the Shadow tier ($75) or higher in the Reinforcement Program
最近の変更はNutterKrytが行いました; 2013年11月10日 15時32分
Chris (禁止済) 2013年11月10日 17時23分 
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