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dwolf 2014年1月13日 21時52分
fatal error and black screen on linux
ive searched all the topics and cant find any solutions. I use ubuntu 13.10 on an thinpad t520, with an i5 sandybridge intel integrated graphics. all the problems everyone else is having dont have the latest mesa 10, and i ran "glxinfo | grep OpenGL" and received "OpenGL core profile version string: 3.1 (Core Profile) Mesa 10.1.0-devel" so i know my drivers are up to date enough, but i still get the black screen and the fatal error messagebox. am i missing something? any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
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blue luke 2014年1月14日 4時29分 
It still won't work as the game needs some legacy APIs which are not provided by Mesa.

Have a look at this for a better explanation.

I've read that the devs are working oon porting it to core OpenGl 3.1 though, so there is still hope.
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dwolf 2014年1月14日 23時33分 
thank you, on all the posts, forums, etc no one ever mentioned the difference between core and lagacy opengl. according to every post i saw it said i would be able if i upgraded to mesa 10, i even switched distros to a bleeding edge one to get the drivers so i would be able to play this game, so i appreciate the info to know that for now i cant do anything but wait. i am a little upset that i bought this game, but i guess i should have taken the time to research it before i bought the game (it was a flash sale so i couldnt resist), but im glad that the developer is taking the time to fix this issue for such a small niche user base (not only linux but people on linux who use intel graphics), which really shows how much they care. again, thanks for the info and thanks for the developers effort. ill try to be patient.
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