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idea I was thinking about
I was thining of an idea, it probably isn't very good. Anyways,what I was thinking of is that maybe you could purchase a bayonet from an arms, and it could act as a stronger version of the rifle bash, as that doesn't have much use unless you almost kill a skulk but run out of ammo as he gets close to you and can finish him off or deal a little extra damage. The bayonet would work by just doing around 40 damage instead of 20, and maybe a little extra range as well as a different animation. It will help, as making a usefull tool when a skulk closes the distance when charging at you, or help you if your attacked when reloading. You could buy it at a armoury for about 3 res. The problem I see with this idea though is it might upset the balance as the marine would have a strong ranged attack and a decent meele attack, and would make it alot harder to kill a marine unless you land the bites fast. One solution is the bayonet would have to be researched.
It also brings me to another idea that could solve the problem, but this idea is more rediculous. The idea is that a commander could upgrade a prototype lab to an advanced protoype lab, that would allow you to buy pretty much trinkets to upgrade your marine, like a motion detector that highlights enemy in line of sight, maybe a nightvision goggles that would give the marine basicly alien vision instead of flashlight. Other ideas I have is a Anti-bactiurium gland that would passivly remove parasite after a few seconds , and maybe reduce damage from lerk poison but have to recharge, as well as the bayonet idea. Most of these would cost about 5 Pres. What I like about this idea is that the prototype lab doesn't give you many items, unlike an armory, and these fit in as there upgrades to self, not really different guns. What I dislike is that they're simmilar to the trait system aliens have, and the bayonets only supposed to work with LMG. Share what you think. Is the idea ok or is it bad?
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Interesting idea of a bayonet, hardly use the marine melee anyway.
Jackson 14. Jan. 2014 um 4:07 Uhr 
It exists, it's called : Axe. Third weapon by default.

Also, if you ever have to rifle bash, then you're likely to die, because the alien is at melee range. If you run out of ammo in your rifle, use your pistol, which is a common tactic and is effective.
Moreover, why would that be something you purchase? It's quite useless in my opinion (+20 damage, which is nothing, added on an action you rarely do...) and those PRes you'd use to buy a bayonet (oh and why wouldn't it be on your rifle by default?), you can use them to buy a shotgun earlier...

No, definitely not a good idea. Sorry bro :(
I killed a skul with rifle bash the other day.. for the first time.

It's a pretty useless move indeed, but i'm used to push zombies away like that in Left 4 Dead, but it doesnt work that well in NS2 :D
Cvoid 16. Jan. 2014 um 12:20 Uhr 
Honestly, rifle bash is used more often for communication than combat. I think the default should be improved insted of having an upgrade.
Daxx 16. Jan. 2014 um 12:52 Uhr 
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I killed a skul with rifle bash the other day.. for the first time.

It's a pretty useless move indeed, but i'm used to push zombies away like that in Left 4 Dead, but it doesnt work that well in NS2 :D

It used to. For one patch in beta the rifle butt knocked back and stunned aliens. It was hilarously overpowered.

At the moment I enjoy getting butt kills as a middle finger to teh alien, but it's certainly not a weapon to be feared.
Cadarn 18. Jan. 2014 um 17:28 Uhr 
Rifle butt kills and welder kills are the best part of the game.
Hobocop 18. Jan. 2014 um 17:32 Uhr 
Welder is best melee weapon.
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