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Te3-BloodyIron 1月11日 19時14分
steamos - black screen
just installed steamos on a buddy's system, running an r9 290 and we're getting a black screen right away for ns2. It doesn't seem to finish launching ever. We've tried STEAM in big picture mode and desktop mode, no luck either way.

Any idea?
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JeThai 1月11日 21時57分 
steamos is mostly for nvidia cards
Te3-BloodyIron 1月13日 8時05分 
But how will I mine for coins in my downtime? D:

I'm also kind of skeptical about that statement.
ChrisPlaysLinux 1月13日 10時24分 
ItcamefromtheDesert 1月13日 20時03分 
try run NS2 as Admin and/or re-validate your NS2 data via steam... and/or if u ve Adobe Creative Cloud installed, disable it.
ChrisPlaysLinux 1月14日 7時05分 
there is no such thing as "admin" on linux, only wheel and root,
Te3-BloodyIron 1月14日 8時55分 
lol run as admin... and then you go on about adobe creative cloud, hahah like that would run in linux.

I think you misread some things there buddy, thanks for pitching in though :)
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ItcamefromtheDesert 1月14日 21時27分 
oh linux nvm ^^ ...about linux... i dont ve a clue about it at all hehe sry
Te3-BloodyIron 1月25日 19時50分 
Recent steamos update and no fix for this :(
Ghoul 1月26日 2時16分 
Afaik this is a amd driver bug which is well known by amd and there was also a solution presented at the steam dev congress. But still you have to wait for amd to fix this ... . UWE themself are trying to find a workaround meanwhile.
Te3-BloodyIron 1月26日 13時40分 
Ahh good some info on this, thanks!
|TG|cyphaetus 2月4日 18時28分 
Anyone have more info on this bug? Is being tracked somewhere?
SSTP || .dPing 3月25日 20時24分 
Sadly, no resolve yet with current alchemist beta. I've been trying all day. Its an fglrx driver issue but I dont know what exactly is breaking.
EthraZa 4月6日 16時41分 
I have SteamOS with a Radeon hd 7770. All my Linux games run well, plus Star trek under Wine. Im playing Star Conflict right now. But NS never worked... it is just a waste... uninstalling NS in 3, 2, 1...
ChrisPlaysLinux 4月9日 6時44分 
What do you mean all your linux games? Games that dont even use opengl 2+(shaders)?
Te3-BloodyIron 4月9日 9時26分 
He is vague, but I am goinig to _assume_ he means games that list having native Linux support. Since NS2 is native Linux and this black screen issue is still present, his point is a sharp juxt position to the original intent of this thread, which is appropriate since it outlines how my experience does not inherently match his; with sexy results.
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