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noblewolf6 2013年12月26日 22時28分
got a key for natural selection 2 who wants it FREEEEEEEEEE
like it says who wants it free all you have to do is figure this ridle out and send me the answer via I.M. what crawls on all 4s in the morning, walks on 2s in the afternoon and walks on 3s in night????? first one to I.M. me with the correct answer gets the key for free
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▬DoT▬ 2013年12月26日 22時58分 
A human
noblewolf6 2013年12月26日 22時59分 
you sir just got the key
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A human
▬DoT▬ 2013年12月26日 23時05分 
Awesome I just got the game for free :D
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